Sara Varone Dating

Being a woman with such great beauty, you can imagine men are lining up around the block for a chance to date the sensationally beautiful Sara Varone.

So we dug up the dirt and discovered who Sara Varone has dated, which included the likes of Massimiliano Bertolani, Andrea Perone, Stefano Ricucci and most recently Filippo Inzaghi.

All i have to say is, lucky guys!

Sara Varone Birthday

I have been looking all over the place, trying to find out the birthday and how old Sara Varone is. Looked just about everywhere and couldn't find a thing!

Do you know how old Sara Varone is?

Sara Varone Net Worth?

I heard that Sara Varone makes a boat load of money for making guest appearances on television, which is not that surprising.

Does any one out there in lala land know what her overall net worth is? Please hit me up in the comments if you know how much money shes worth.


Sara Varone Height

Recently I've been searching all over the net while looking for the actual height of Sara Varone, and there is no doubt that i have found the correct answer to her height.

Sara Varone is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

What do you think? Are taller girls more attractive than shorter girls?


Sara Varone Bra Size

Not very long ago we did an article in regards to Sara Varone's breasts and the topic was real or not real...And while we never really came to a conclusion, i think one thing that must be on the mind of many Sara Varone fans is her bra size, am i right people?

Unfortunately this bit of information was rather difficult to attain, but we did find a somewhat reliable website that said her bra size was 34D.

Some reason i thought she was a little bit bigger than this, what do you think?


Sara Varone Lovely Hair

When seeing Sara Varone for the first time, you would probably notice her amazing curves, however the second thing you might notice is her goregous dark brown hair.

She is always sporting a fabulous hairstyle, often with sexy highlights which just bring even more attention to her lovely hair.


Sara Varone Breast Implants

Lets cut right to the chase here, do you think the breasts of the stunningly beautiful Sara Varone are real or simply the works of a good plastic surgeon?

Question of the day: Plastic surgery or all natural?